OccasionGenius for Residents

Level up your residential property software with events

Unlock the power of events for your clients

Event technology hasn’t been available to residents - until now.

OccasionGenius & Residential Living

Increase retention, decrease turnover

A large reason people stay where they are is their community.

Create meaningful connections in the community by encouraging residents get to know one another via upcoming events.

Help renters connect

Show renters what they can do near their new home, and help them settle in to their new city.

Increase Engagement

Provide a strong value proposition to tenants to use your tenant portal and/or app every week.

Differentiate your service

Ride the “cool factor” of providing events to your tenants. They’ll thank you - and brag to their friends!

Easy to Integrate

An easy-to-integrate, fully documented RESTful API.

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