OccasionGenius for Real Estate Agent CRMs

Stay top of mind for years with events

Unlock the power of events for your clients

Event technology hasn’t been available to agents - until now.

OccasionGenius & Real Estate Agent CRMs

Provide a needed service

Help real estate agents master relationship management by being top of mind for their clients throughout the 5 to 7 year sales cycle.

Brand agents as local experts

Provide localized, timely and up-to-date information on otherwise hard-to-find local content.

Agents are able to seamlessly brand themselves as local experts by sharing the most popular events every week.

Make the house feel like home

Connect homeowners to their new area by providing a valuable and memorable closing gift.

"It's like Netflix or Amazon, but instead of making recommendations for movies or shopping, it recommends upcoming events nearby!"

Provide better mailings

Upcoming local event calendars are a serious upgrade from the promotional postcards and calendars -- that usually go right to the trash.

Differentiate your service

Stand way out from the busy CRM crowd by providing a valuable service with the cool factor. FOMO -- fear of missing out -- is real!

Make relationship building a breeze for agents with a state-of-the-art event discovery service fully integrated into your CRM.

Easy to Integrate

An easy-to-integrate, fully documented RESTful API.

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