OccasionGenius for Babysitting Apps

Wow busy parents with events

Unlock the power of events for your clients

Event technology hasn’t been available to babysitting apps - until now.

OccasionGenius & Babysitting Apps

Give parents great ideas

Increase the demand for sitters by introducing the most intriguing events for more nights out.

Alert couples about special occasions

Birthday, anniversary, holidays, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day - 6 times a year that couples need inspiration for special experiences.

“It’s like a better boyfriend app!”

Differentiate your service

Wow your users with an expanded service that helps them live their best lives.

“You mean I can find an idea and book a sitter all at once? This is like a unicorn!”

Easy to Integrate

An easy-to-integrate, fully documented RESTful API.

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