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Level up the student experience with events

Unlock the power of events for your clients

Event technology hasn’t been available to universities - until now.

OccasionGenius & Colleges/Universities

Welcome new students

Provide students a way to connect to their new city.

Welcome freshmen and transfer students with a resource to connect to the most popular events they would otherwise miss.

  • help students acclimate to the new city
  • provide a valuable and sought-after resource

Increase educational enrichment

Highlight events happening off campus that further student learning.

For example, business schools can provide business-related events happening off campus each week - from speakers to startup weekends - that enhance each student's education.

  • provide a volunteering events guide
  • brand the power of your school's network and information

Wow your alumni

Stay top of mind for alumni with a continued, valuable service.

Remind alumni of your school and increase the likelihood of donations with a branded, custom events email service showing alumni the popular events where they live.

  • improve alumni relations
  • stay top of mind and on top of technology trends

Collect valuable data

Discover what students and alumni are interested in for valuable insights.

Discover what students and alumni would likely want to engage in with the aggregated data of your school's community.

  • *offer more compelling student and alumni events

Easy to Integrate

An easy-to-integrate, fully documented RESTful API.

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