OccasionGenius for Airlines

Level up your airline with events

Unlock the power of events for your guests

Event technology hasn’t been available to airlines - until now.

OccasionGenius & Airlines

A powerful brand experience

Help travelers on your site and app determine the best time and place to book.

Add events to your website so travelers can discover the best time to go to a city. Now future travelers can easily see: when is the Jazz Festival in New Orleans?

  • increase the funnel of guests booking on your airline
  • keep guests on your website when planning a trip

An exciting what-to-do guide

Show travelers what they can do on their trip with a personalized event guide.

The Events Guide, also known as the Proactive Concierge, shows travelers the most popular events during their stay, plus optionally showing events happening 2 days before and 2 days after, with a button to "extend their stay".

  • enhance the traveler experience
  • solidify your brand differentiation by going above and beyond for travelers

Increase app engagement

Connect guests to events during their trip.

Encourage travelers to use the airline's app after they land, by providing the most exciting events during their stay.

  • increase on-trip on-app engagement
  • provide a powerful reason to use and download the app

Market trips to users

Help guests plan future trips with events they're sure to love.

Send a follow-up email to travelers with events that are picked just for that traveler, and increase ROI with inspiring reasons to fly.

  • increase targeted marketing
  • send more traffic to your site

Easy to Integrate

An easy-to-integrate, fully documented RESTful API.

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