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The OccasionGenius API helps to connect individuals to events that they care about, before they happen using our Personalized Interest Genome™

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Event Discovery Technology

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Our content is generated from a comprehensive set of resources including national ticketing sites such as Eventbrite, Ticketmaster and more; and thousands of “micro” sources including local calendar sites and social media.


We leverage our proprietary algorithms to determine the popularity and attendance of each event allowing your customer to know the greatest hits. Our approach results in the most exciting and authentic events allowing your customers the most meaningful experience.


Our premium content removes duplicate events and we go the extra mile to enhance event image and description detail for the most popular events. The end result is one that guarantees an event browsing experience unlike any other.


Our technology discovers events as they are published and keeps all events up-to-date resulting in increased accuracy.

OccasionGenius is your go-to event aggregation service.

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An easy-to-integrate, fully documented RESTful API.

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