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Our new genius email matches you with cool weekend events and out-of-the-box activities.


Liberate Your Palate

A spotlight on the entrepreneurs who are bringing new, unique events to Charlotte. Meet the team behind Liberate Your Palate!

Meet Tamu, the mastermind behind Liberate Your Palate, the chicest craft cocktail experience in the Queen City. Liberate Your Palate creates a hands on, professional cocktail class that will leave you feeling like a world class bartender, or at least you’ll be able to make one awesome drink.

From the Sunshine State to the Queen City

Liberate Your Palate’s story begins in 2012 when Tamu decided it was time for a change. When meeting Tamu, you’d think you’ve met a Charlotte native because she knows every hot spot in the city, but California is where she used to call home. In 2012 Tamu brought the a little bit of the Sunshine State with her when she made Charlotte her permanent home and we are so thankful she did because in 2015 she opened Liberate Your Palate.

Cocktail Class

When Tamu moved to Charlotte she realized she was living in a craft beer city and as a cocktail and dinner kind of gal, she saw an opportunity. With craft cocktails growing alongside the booming local restaurant industry, Liberate Your Palate was the perfect solution. She thought more people should be exposed to the awesome professionals behind the food and beverage scene here in Charlotte and created the ultimate craft cocktail experience.

Expanding the Five Senses 

Surprisingly Tamu doesn’t have one favorite cocktail, but when you get to try every cocktail known to man it would be hard to choose. She explained that, “there is a never ending selection of cocktails to be tried, that's why I enjoy them so much. So let's just say, I'm still having fun tasting my way to my favorite.”

Tamu’s brand for Liberate Your Palate is to provide a unique experience that is designed to expand the five senses. A craft cocktail class with Liberate Your Palate is designed to expose people to new offerings through their palate. No one ever learned anything new from sitting and doing nothing and a cocktail class is nothing short of fun. So go out and learn a new skill! Learn how to shake and stir the perfect martini like a pro or find a new hobby or just try something new for the heck of it. We guarantee you’ll have a good time.

Liberate Your Palate’s message for locals is to, “be open to expanding your circle. There is so much, culture, talent and creativity here in Charlotte and when we embrace our city in that way, that's what will make us a world class city,” and what a world class city it is!


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