Our new genius email matches you with cool weekend events and out-of-the-box activities.

Our new genius email matches you with cool weekend events and out-of-the-box activities.

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A spotlight on the entrepreneurs who are creating new, unique events to Charlotte. Meet the team behind AerialCLT!

Meet the AerialCLT team, that's shakin' up the Charlotte scene with their aerial arts. They specialize in silks, lyra and trapeze and it's their guarantee that no pull up is required to begin training! To put it in their own words, AerialCLT is a group of "bada$$ humans working to crush all the bad chatter that our brains tend to create by flying in the air and hanging upside down."

Recipe for Success

Their story begins when owner, Amy decided that her two passions could become one. She was training at a gym that was in need of a new aerial instructor. With her background in teaching and passion for aerial silks, she found a recipe for success. As the class sizes grew so did the business and in 2012 AerialCLT opened its doors. Their studio in Uptown is as colorful and bright as their silks. When asked which style is their favorite, Amy explained each of the instructors have their own specialty they feel most connected to. During our photo shoot with AerialCLT, we saw that first hand. Each instructor is so dedicated to their art and they shine when they were able to show off for the camera!

Love and Community

AerialCLT has two key words that define their brand... love and community. Through their classes and teaching you work to find love for yourself and love for others which creates a supportive community of people that will hold everyone accountable. Amy said, “every single class you attend, it is filled with cheerleaders, not competitors” and that explains the AerialCLT team perfectly. During our photo shoot, each of the instructors were excited for one another when they were able to hold the perfect pose.

AerialCLT’s message for locals is that, “Charlotte is the best and we love it here. We could not imagine a better city to share our passion with," and we agree 100%!


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